Happy New Year and welcome to the first newsletter of 2021. A lot of you reading this may be new to VR since so many people got Oculus Quest 2 headsets for the holidays. So many people bought it that it is now unavailable at most stores. As much fun as gaming in VR has been over the years, there is more to it than just being a platform for Beat Saber. Not that I also don’t play it myself, there are just a lot of other great experiences beyond gaming.

This week we have links and news around other things to do in VR aside from gaming, and news and gear for including VR in your life. From meditation, to socializing, to touring the world from the safety of our homes.

Thank you to everyone who's subscribed and continued to read and support us. As always, if you want to recommend anything to us tweet your links. Our directory of companies, experiences, gear, and more is growing so visit our directory to find resources that also may not be getting major press.

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