Even though American politics and an attempted insurrection took a lot of the media attention there was still a lot exciting happening within the virtual spaces. If anything it has taken away some well deserved attention from some projects that push us further along the path of layering other realities atop each other. So we’re definitely looking forward to a safe and swift resolution to recent events so that we all can continue working toward a better future, within any of the many shared realities.

One truly incredible achievement is actually this week’s One More Thing: a new DIY Augmented Reality headset. We’re truly impressed at what they’ve managed to do for less than the cost of other headsets. The parts list doesn’t look too daunting and it wasn’t until right before sending out this issue that we decided to take a shot at making one. Once the parts come in we’ll see how easy it is to put together. But regardless we’re onboard with helping support a potential new open source AR platform.

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