Well here we are, the final issue of the first year of Other Realities. This is also the first end of year gear highlight issue that we plan on doing every year. There are lots of companies making products and demonstrations that don't always get the attention they deserve, or that may be drowned out in the news cycle. In this issue we present ten of these that we feel definitely will (or already are) make waves in the immersive experiences space. Some of what you'll see are available for home users, some are still in pre-order or delayed (thanks pandemic...), and some will start in the commercial space and make their way into homes once the pricing is more favorable.

This has been quite a year, and if not for the additional time this year made available this newsletter would not have happened. Gathering and sharing links wasn't something that started this year, it's been something we always do, but the inspiration to take what we were already doing and share it with people outside our circle of friends and collaborators definitely was one of the good things to come from 2020.

Thank you to everyone who's subscribed and continued to read and engage with the links this year. We appreciate you, and hope that in the new year we get to bring you things that you wouldn't normally see. As always, if you want to recommend anything to us tweet your links. Our directory of companies, experiences, gear, and more is growing so visit our directory to find resources that also may not be getting any attention.

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