With December being the prime season for holiday shopping I've chosen not to highlight sales or best of lists since that content can be found on many, many other channels and blogs. Besides, just because the year is ending doesn't mean that there is nothing else happening that isn't more interesting than shopping.

Next issue will be the last for the year and will be very gear focused, as I feel there are a lot of interesting headsets and accessories that didn't get the attention this year. Even though this is the first year of the newsletter I think I'd like to make it a tradition. We'll see how it goes.

Thank you to everyone who's subscribed and continued to read and engage with the links. As always, if you want to recommend anything to us tweet your links. Our directory of companies, experiences, gear, and more is ever expanding do visit our directory to find resources that also may not be getting any attention.

We'll see you in the next issue.

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