If you're the type of person to rant about how you're sick of hearing about NFTs, this isn't the issue for you.

Way back in issue 21 we highlighted how some startups are going about funding themselves through funds and venture capital. That hasn't changed but the growth of NFTs and crypto have changed how brands, startups, and artists engage with their audiences. The reasons for this are varied, but the ability to bypass any gatekeepers or need to map your path as an iteration of something understandable are two very big reasons.

A savvy content creator with a sizeable enough audience can sidestep most of the traditional paths of securing money for a team or project and use NFTs to crowdsource funding their operation. This has already worked for an increasing number of teams and has gotten RTKFT acquired by Nike.

The reason people are, and will continue, talking about NFTs is that they are changing the landscape of digital products in ways that actually deserve all of the hype that they garner. If that bores you or makes you want to tune out just be warned that you may find that you'll be behind the curve fairly soon. And potentially missing out on part of the digital revolution happening right now.

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