In every area of life there are bad actors. People who, sometimes unintentionally, do things that are harmful or morally offensive. Depending on your views on the world this may be a bad thing, but we tend to feel that when people are "behaving badly" it is a test of our systems and institutions to see how best to respond to their behavior. VR is no exception, and the social spaces where we encounter anonymous individuals is another arena to reinforce social contracts that we all rely on to keep us safe and to prevent harassment.

Depending on the game you may encounter offensive talk and actions playing online every now and then due to the system put in place to discourage it. VR social spaces are still relatively new and will need to create their own guidelines for preventing things like virtual groping or other "bad" behaviors.

This issue we included articles that show some of the harms that can come when people aren't able to fully rely on technology or their assumptions to be enough prevent harm. The VR world isn't bad, but we still need to be careful who we friend and how we behave.

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