Regardless of what you may think, Mark Zuckerberg has done good things for virtual reality. Since the acquisition of Oculus back in 2014, more focus and research dollars have been spent by his company and others seeking to compete then in the past decade. Meta is reportedly spending more than 10 billion dollars annually on Metaverse projects, with other large tech companies ramping up their acquisitions and product portfolios to compete for the future of engagement.

The amount of urgency he has added to the VR space truly does submit him, in my mind, as an agent of change. First completely altering the social media landscape with Facebook, now as the driving force behind the pivot of hundreds of companies integrating VR into their business practices. Even driving interest in "metaverse" as a search term up 100% since the announcement of their name change.

As people that thoroughly enjoy technology and are looking forward to a future even further enhanced by it we are pretty happy with all of the attention and effort going into building a more connected future. One where technology continues to lower the barriers of distance and access to information, and where communications gain an even better sense of presence.

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