Virtual experiences are powerful tools that can sway opinions and educate in ways reading or watching a film cannot. With that in mind, could a VR experience change your feelings toward animals enough to make eating them completely unappetizing? Or asked another way, could a VR experience be powerful enough to convince someone already thinking of going vegan to commit to that dietary choice? Two of the links we're sharing are counting on that, and highlight what we all know has been happening to animals for centuries in the farming animals as food. We're sharing them because they are interesting, and because we'd like to hear what you think after you see them. Did they change your opinion about eating meat?

Also, be sure to check out this week's One More Thing as we were fortunate to come across a full publication from Doctoral candidates explaining concepts of 3D interfaces. We don't always encounter freely available academic work and when we do it's always full of interesting and well thought-out concepts.

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