Last week Facebook held their annual Facebook Connect event where they made the announcement that they were rebranding, and will not be called Meta. The commitment and investiments Meta (the company formerly know as Facebook) have already helped bring millions of users into VR and we’ll probably also see the same for AR in the coming years. If you couldn’t catch it the livestream is up on YouTube. But if you don’t have 90 minutes to watch Auganix did a great recap of what Meta is doing moving forward.

In this week’s newsletter we want to highlight how VR is being used in the training of law enforcement, and hopefully raise awareness of potentially more effective training available today. Every industry places an importance on training, and those that work in law enforcement have a weighty duty to uphold and enforce the law. Making use of research into the benefits of VR training on retention and memory and emotional connection makes sense in training law enforcement. The need to make split second decisions truly means there is not much time to think, and the reaction to a situation should be engrained into them as both first and second nature.

If you have someone close to you that is in law enforcement perhaps this is the issue to share with them?

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