The use of the phrase Metaverse has seemed like one that fit well with the current state of VR and the platforms merging reality with VR. However, this week we came across a few authors that made us rethink if that's the best way to refer to the new extension of reality we're all beginning to enjoy. No disrespect to the groundbreaking work, but it was created in a time before social media. We've featured two of the more interesting articles we came across that talk more about this, and potentially what we should be using as an alternative name.

We're still mulling it over, but let us know what you think on Twitter if you feel like Metaverse is the right term or if something different is truly in order.

Epistemology aside, this week we have a good mix of topics to get you thinking about the impact of VR on the world, creating the foundations of cyber security within VR, and a VR documentary recounting the story of the last person found alive after the 9/11 terror attack as our One More Thing.

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