If we said that this issue was late because we were playing one of our featured VR games, would you hold it against us? Well, hopefully when you get your hands on them you won't lose entire evenings like we did. There are actually a few experiences we're featuring, but if you want to know which one dominated the weekend ask us on Twitter and we'll share.

This week we have a broad set of experiences, a step toward the return of VR arcades, news, something to help with the worst phobia, and a case study in creating a VR experiences as our One More Thing. Lots of good content and info to start the week.

Also, be on the lookout later this week for our next Journal article on VR in the workplace. We'll explain how companies have an opportunity to get ahead of the curve as well as some of the risks in working in VR.

Thank you for reading and subscribing, and we'll see you next week!

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