In last issue we featured an article describing some of the some of the not-so-great funding models, and wanted to share a few content creators that we follow that are doing a great job turning their VR performances into NFTs. Using cryptocurrencies and art is another way of funding future work and creating something of value, and is much better than speculation over virtual land:

That's kind of an aside, since this issue doesn't really focus on NFTs or performance art. This week we actually had too many links to share, and took a little extra time pairing things down to the ones we felt were most important. Curation is possibly the most difficult aspect of putting together this weekly newsletter. That is, unless you all want 30 links every week with much less context. Probably not. But let us know if you prefer more links on Twitter.

This week we feel the common thread in all of the links is that we are living in a time of an early Metaverse. Everything shown exists demonstrating things that would have been almost unheard of even 5 years ago, but are just a normal part of evolving the technology to better adapt into daily real world usage. From a company committing to working fully in VR (the first news item this week) to VR in physical therapy (health item of the week) it is amazing that we've reached the point where the technology is more advanced than what we have created with it.

What a time to be alive!

Thank you for reading and subscribing, and we'll see you next week!

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