Welcome to the 25th issue of the Other Realities newsletter, where we're highlighting social VR platforms that may just be your next place to hang out in VR. Casual social interactions are one of the many type of experiences that attracts people to give VR a try. Having casual experiences along side more traditional gaming has propelled VR to historical heights and brought in millions of new users looking to destress and explore new worlds.

The actual list of social VR platforms is much too long for a newsletter, and we will have to setup a page on the Other Realities Journal to list out all of the social VR applications we have encountered this week. We have more than 30 other platforms that didn't make it into the newsletter, and even more which are strictly web browser based that were interesting but pretty early stages.

Do you have a favorite social VR platform? We'd love to hear about it on Twitter, where you can also find more events and timely information that doesn't make the weekly newsletter. This week we added new entries into the Other Realities Directory if you're casually looking for more VR content to explore. If you have any suggestions for the directory feel free to send them our way.

Thank you for reading and subscribing, and we'll see you next week!

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