This has been another historic week in the world of AR/VR/XR. From successful virtual surgeries (seen below), to all-time highs for simultaneous VR users, to significant updates from Oculus that some feel may be the last updates we get for a while due to "not much else being possible for a VR headset."

This wasn't just one opinion, but we've encountered this in multiple forums and online publications.

Aside from us having released the first in a series if HMU improvements, it's somewhat saddening that more than one group can see creativity reaching its end just because we cannot imagine what could come next. The very notion that drives innovation takes creative leaps and creative advancements that can't be easily found by simply iterating what already exists.

Iteration is easy, innovation is hard. And it should be, otherwise it wouldn't be innovative.

We're going to enjoy the updates along with everyone else that has already gotten v28 updates for their Oculus Quest 2, but we're still thinking about the future and should be publishing our second installment in our series on how updates to what the HMU can offer will help open the way for innovative experiences. Look for this on the Other Realities Journal this Wednesday.

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See you in the next issue!

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