There are some business decisions that just feel right, and others that just feel like pretty big mistakes. Though we try to keep it pretty positive it’s pretty clear that what Unity announced around their pricing changes seems like a pretty bad move.. A price change is a pretty sensitive topic that really needs to be thoroughly thought through and handled carefully.

Based on the news it seems that the Unity executives may not have workshopped these changes with their customers because immediately they came up with valid scenarios where they would go bankrupt from malicious trolls abusing the pricing structure. The story is evolving and some clarifications have been shared from reporters via X (formerly Twitter), but the damage is done. Even if there is a partial reversal there are thousands of studios, indie devs, and students looking for alternatives that offer a more financially stable path for game development.

This week isn’t all doom and gloom, and the news we’re sharing in this issue continues to show a positive trend for the growth of AR/VR. With more companies, researchers, and students adopting it to serve vastly different purposes it can’t help but slowly grow and slowly get more adoption. We just hope that the Unity news doesn’t become a trend. Open access to tools has been one of the largest boons to the increase in interest of VR. Altering that could shake up the future of several industries.

This week’s One More Thing is something we hope to see while we’re in Venice later this month. Though the festival has ended maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get a first-hand look through our friends network. Wish us luck!

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