Depending on where you get your news it may be hard to believe that VR is more popular than ever. Even coming out of complete shutdowns during the pandemic the growth within the industry has been rising. There are lots of examples of this, including SandboxVR opening a new location in Kentucky.

Even the news of AltspaceVR shutting down, as bittersweet as it was, paves the way for other teams to push what is more popular and future-leaning further since that audience will now be looking for another place for community and for VR experiences.

For example, it's been nearly two years since the Harry Potter Store in Manhattan opened their VR experiences (mentioned way back in issue 35), but as of early April those experiences have officially closed. This is not the first high profile experience to end, and it's not necessarily something that poses as commentary on the viability of VR as a whole. When something sticks around for too long it can bring down the perception of VR. Effects and hardware get dated, and audiences viewing something 2 to 5 years on may not be getting as high fidelity as they could in other venues using newer hardware.

These kinds of changes to available platforms and phasing out of experiences are helpful to prevent stagnation. It's not always great to see something you may have enjoyed and shared with others disappear for a while, but the void they leave gives rom for newer and potentially more transformative works to get more attention.

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