This week we got way, way too deep into investigating the current state of virtual clothing design platforms and, well, there were much more players in this space than we thought. There were over 30 that we found and as we went down the line learning more about each we couldn't even begin to summarize what we were experiencing. It was as though we had found the next major level of the Metaverse. With universities offering degrees in digital fashion design there is definitely an industry that is very under-appreciated.

In this issue we're just sharing some of the more impressive clothing design platforms we have encountered, but we haven't really had enough experience with each to summarize what each does well. The major theme in all of them is creating a faster way to both visualize and develop clothing designs, with some even going as far as digitizing fabric attributes to make the stretch and movement of garment simulations as true to life as possible.

Feel free to check them out, and later this year we hope to have spent enough time in each to give more information and context for the fantastic applications and platforms.

Thank you for reading and subscribing, and we'll see you next week!

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