VR growth is now being measured in the millions with social experiences like RecRoom announcing 3 million monthly users and experiences sold across multiple platforms. Growth of this kind will attract all kinds of people with varying motives, and inevitably some of them will misbehave. The challenge faced by every company contributing to the emerging Metaverse is how to protect privacy, safety, and maintain open channels of communication.

The biggest challenge is doing this at scale.

Overseeing 3 people can be done with 3 moderators (which is overkill but works for this analogy). When responsible for overseeing 40 million people a month who log in at different times on random days who don't all speak the same language the real complexity of safety can be appreciated.

In this issue we highlight some of the advances happening globally that will contribute to protecting everyone online while also making communication across languages and cultures transparent. That may sound like very lofty ideals, but take a look at this week's links and if you still feel the same let us know.

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