Anyone who plays Beat Saber for the first time can attest to feeling exhilaration from the game, and probably also feeling pretty winded. As fun as the experience can be it's also exercise. Some experiences make fitness their primary focus and others reach that level of activity by their intensity, but in both cases we see some of the potential of VR to add layers of activity that can be just as beneficial as a cardio workout in a gym.

This issue we're sharing some of the experiences, news, and fun we've learned doing a deep dive into the current state of fitness within Virtual Reality. Even if you don't quite believe the estimated market value for VR fitness being over 59 billion USD by 2027 the health benefits for those still not able to venture to gyms or outside is immediate.

We also saw an historic moment for immersive tech and sports with Racket:Next VR became the first game officially sanctioned by International Racquetball Federation. There was actually much more going on in the space than we had space for in this issue. Perhaps we'll need to revisit this in the summer.

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