There are far larger media outlets considering the effect of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. As more countries and companies block access to social media, essential technology, and other services to that region of the world we will surely see its effects on more than just gasoline prices. Content and hardware coming from companies in the region will also find themselves cut off through no fault of their own. Similar for users who are active and contributing to the global VR community, due to their location they may also find themselves cut off from participating in social experiences and communities.

A global Metaverse needs us all, and without the influence of all people around the entire world we truly can't have the world that we all envision but don't always have the ability to put into words.

We do hope the conflicts cease soon, and hope that the safety, liberty, dignity of the citizens of every nation can be preserved. And we hope, like most of you, to see an end to this conflict that endangers more than just an inclusive Metaverse.

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