Lens Fest 2021 is over, and the highlights and new features are pretty impressive. We thought that was going to be the event that took over most of our week, but we were mistaken.

I think it’s a fair assumption that everyone subscribed to this newsletter saw the Matrix Experience and could appreciate how much Unreal Engine raised the bar. This sparked many articles about the possibilities for next-gen gaming but I think a lot of them are missing the bigger picture. What the next version of the Unreal Engine actually feels to us like they are living up to their namesake, and truly set to be an even easier choice to everyone to consider for their projects.

We don’t have a “side” in terms of game engines, but we have invested a lot into Unity 3D assets and in working on experiences powered by Unity. This upcoming release is the first from Unreal Engine that has us reconsidering it as an option for newer and grander projects we’re planning for the future. The barrier of entry has changed and it feels like Epic Games has truly made an effort to bring in more Indie and non-gaming partners. We may be a bit behind the curve on this, and there is some catchup we'll have to do over the holidays.

Thank you for reading and subscribing, and we'll see you next week!

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