This week we’re gearing up for Lens Fest 2021, and all of the very cool advances that we’re hoping to see this year. Building of of the wildly successful year of lens creation and AR getting it’s time to shine we hope that the upcoming updates can better take advantage of hardware advances in the last year. Lidar and much better camera sensors mean much clearer input, while AI and ML being available in most mobile hardware (see Apple A15 or System on a Chip from other manufacturers) grant an unprecedented amount of computing power in the hands of nearly everyone.

It’s advances in available hardware that makes this week’s One More Thing possible as something that runs in near real time on your phone and not a post-processing effect only available in a movie. Like every week if there is only one link you visit it should be that one as it’s pretty impressive.

We also have a good variety of other links, ranging from competitions to philosophy and dealing with grief within VR. You’re probably not going to find this eclectic a mis of content anywhere else, and we’re happy to share it with you. And to all our new subscribers: Welcome!

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