Since the launch of the Oculus Quest my younger cousins (currently 10 and 11) have seen us in VR quite a bit more, and have also been asking to give it a try. We've declined and sadly had to give them the all too familiar adult refrain of "you can try it when you're older." We're still the cool cousin but with everything we've learned about the effects of VR on growing minds it is something everyone should take seriously. Much more seriously than some businesses (which we won't name) that allow parents to put their children into VR.

Definitely check out this week's health article for more details on the damage that VR an do to a developing mind. It's not an instant harm, but it's the kind of alteration that slowly manifests. Not to get too ominous but it reminds us of this TikTok video that aptly describes some people's lax attitudes to something that will harm them in years versus moments.

Long story short, please keep VR away from the kiddos. At least until their minds are ready.

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