This past week saw two Facebook outages that took down a lot of websites, and significantly impacted Oculus users trying to use their headsets along with other services relying on Facebook for authentication. Having architected infrastructure before it is not shocking how the problem occurred, mistakes happen, but the blind spot in not anticipating the fallout from the issue was surprising to see at a technology giant. This was not neglectful, but safeguards for preventing these kinds of outages are hopefully now in place. For more technical information about the outage, Facebook published more information that provides more details that's worth a read.

With Facebook positioning itself in a very prominent position in the way we experience VR the stability of their platform is vital to allow access to all of the virtual worlds and experiences we know and love. We hope that this gap in process gets closed, and that we can go back to thinking more about what we can do in the Multiverse rather than what processes and validation steps exist at Facebook.

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