The path toward the future doesn't mean that we only add ne experiences and technology, sometimes things are removed or die off that are unexpected and seen by some as unnecessary. In the recent Oculus v30 update the ability to stream directly to your Facebook account has been removed. Reading the v30 release notes doesn't mention this, but Road To VR reported the feature being removed, originally spotted by a YouTuber and confirmed by Oculus Support. Since it could only stream to Facebook and not to other platforms it was a pretty poor feature that mostly worked around for game streaming (VRScout has a great tutorial with the most popular streaming setup).

This is a fine example of a decision to remove a feature with limited and low utility in favor of eventually creating something better at some point in the future. We're hoping that when the feature does come back it does more than just copy features other platforms are doing, and pushes what we think VR can do a step forward.

Initially this issue was going to focus more on SideQuest App Lab experiences, but we also found a few other things we were excited to share with you. So please enjoy a few that we think are work checking out along with other happenings that you shouldn't miss this week.

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