There we so many things that made us smile this week, possibly the best being people over 150 million being vaccinated in the US and over 630 million reported vaccinations worldwide. Experiencing VR at home is phenomenal, but knowing that in the not too distant future we'll see a return of communal VR/AR/MR experiences and arcades has us ecstatic. Having visited VRZONE Shijuku, immersive experiences by teamLab, the trippy whole multi-room experiences of Meow Wolf, and projected art in NYC & DC locations for ARTECHOUSE we're very, very happy to know that we'll continue to see more innovation with everything that blurs the lines between worlds.

These experiences aren't "better" than what you can have at home, they are just great in different ways. Being in the same physical location as another person changes how we interpret and respond to any world or simulation. Advancing into a shared metaverse won't always mean we're sitting home in our shipping containers like in Ready Player One. There will always be things that only being close enough to another can make possible.

As more of these do start to appear we'll be sure to feature them in a future newsletter or on our Twitter account. You can actually find in-person experiences in our directory, so be sure to take a look if you haven't recently and consider making a reservation for later this year. If you're really enjoying this newsletter and want to help out consider sharing with someone you know that doesn't realize just yet how AR//VR/MR is already impacting their daily life.

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