Virtual Reality is pretty big business, and is expected to reach a value of 55.7 billion USD in less than ten years. The companies currently working to build or integrate VR will be the ones that are ahead of the curve, so it makes sense to start working toward making experiences, games, and tools now. Getting started isn't always easy, and in this issue we're highlighting funds, communities, and resources to help mentor and financially back a project you may have considered but may not know how to get financed.

This is pretty good info to have for both indie teams or established companies, and we were very interested this week in collecting this info for reasons that we'll be able to share later.

If you do wind up pitching or, even better, getting funded we'd love to know so message us on Twitter when you get the good news. We'd love to feature you in our directory and even have you sponsor an issue once you're on the path to releasing your vision.

As always, thank you for subscribing or reading online. See you in the next issue.

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