We are hopeful that the two investment opportunities mentioned in this issue don't seem too far afield from what some of you may expect from the newsletter. In the past we have shared some of the crowd funding campaigns and investments that have caught our attention, but have been careful not to say which we have or have not personally backed to remain partly neutral. We do find that a fair number (how much we won't say) of these we eventually do get behind.

So far we've been happy with the results. All of the crowd funding campaigns have delivered what was promised. It may have taken a while since the pandemic shut down significant aspects of production for more than year, but we did get what we paid for. Investments in VR companies are another matter, and those are more long term scenarios which we won't see mature for years in some cases.

This issue isn't totally dedicated to investing but to stave off any concerns we just wanted to make it clear that we aren't oracles or investment gurus. We do feel like we find some of the more reliable companies dong interesting things in the VR space. But, still, please to a bit of investigation of your own before entering into any investment.

Thank you for reading and subscribing, and we'll see you next week!

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