This past week was mostly spent on two very different paths.

The first was learning about problems we currently have with security and privacy. Some are new problems brought about from VR/XR still being fairly new mediums, others are inherited from operating systems allowing their security to be bypassed. If you're not already following Kent Bye on Twitter or subscribed to Voices of VR podcast you should definitely do that if you're interested in the ethical and privacy issues we face in the upcoming years. With a greater adoption of VR we will also see an increased interest in information gathering. Without the necessary laws and frameworks put in place we run the risk of being quite vulnerable to many different types of intrusions. The recent episode talking with the legal non-profit the Electronic Frontier Foundation speaks to this far better than I have room here to go into, and is definitely worth a listen.

We will definitely have to dedicate a few issues of the newsletter to these concerns in the future, but for this week we our second area of interest seemed to be around theater and performances VR. The amount of people who are interested in new technology and also really like ballet is probably fairly small but we hope you'll find some of the links and info we share this week interesting. At the very least, if you've wanted to see a ballet but didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on tickets this is your opportunity to see if it's something you just didn't know you love already.

Thank you for reading and subscribing, and we'll see you next week!

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