Welcome to issue 30 if Other Realities! Every week we seem to be gaining new readers and we're thrilled to have more people interested and thankful for those of you who have been with us for the past 30 weeks for the newsletter.

Last issue's focus on real world experiences wasn't nearly complete, and there are hundreds of other locations globally you should be able to visit in the upcoming months as COVID restrictions are gradually being reduced. Since we do want to share as many of these as we can find be sure to look to the Other Realities Directory later this week as we add more and more locations which provide interactive and immersive experiences. Some of will require wearing an HMU, but the majority of them are designed to simply be viewed with your own two eyes. And probably the camera in your phone.

We had an issue planned that highlighted a lot of the established AR experiences that felt a little dull talking about what companies like Ikea and Amazon. These kinds of things are pretty easy to find online, and we found much more interesting. So instead of looking at what you can already do let's take a look at some of the fun, new things that modern smartphones and new sensor do to inspire creativity. There are only so many ways to build anything, but when you new materials it always makes if possible to reimagine things we thought we knew to potentially build it better.

We hope you enjoy trying these apps and AR/VR experiences, and feel free to drop us a line on Twitter to tell us how you liked (or disliked) them.

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