Virtual beings have made a splash online as virtual influencers, but this is only the start of this evolution of brand presentation and product iteration as a digital first offering. In this issue we highlight some of the existing companies, trends, and a yearly summit you should consider attending if this is an area that you are curious.

In other news, this week we are excited to be launching the website for our upcoming Other Realities Podcast. This will be a twice monthly show where we can talk more about topics and speak with creators and innovators changing the VR/AR/MR landscape. You'll still be receiving the newsletter, and nothing will change there. But if you do read this online there will be a new domain you'll need to bookmark.

As always, thank you for subscribing or reading this online. We really enjoy sharing what we are already investigating ourselves, and hopefully getting to engage more with all the communities who collectively make up the Metaverse. As always, if you want to recommend anything to us tweet your links. Our directory of companies, experiences, gear, and more is growing so visit our directory to find resources that also may not be getting major press.

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